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My Dogs!

  • Rious, aka "ARCHMX4 Serious Piece of Work, RLPx2aoe, RL1x8aoe, RL2x6aoe, RL3x5, CGC" (that's quite a mouthful!) is a Border Collie/Akita mix.  We compete in Rally Obedience and to date he was 6th in the country in 2013 in the puppy division in World Cynosport Rally Obedience rankings.  In 2014 he kicked it up a notch and landed in spot number 3 in the Rally Level One national year end rankings!  Then in 2015 he still managed to crack the top ten landing in 8th place in the nation for the ARCHX level!  In 2016 he came out on fire and took 2nd place for the entire weekend at NEROE, the largest rally competition in the country and finished the year 6th in the ARCHMX division and broke the top 20 overall divisions for the first time at number 16, repeating national rankings in the MX+ and overall divisions for 2017!  Rious attends many training classes by my side and is also my fabulous running partner!  He is currently adding in competition preparations for both nose work and CDSP Obedience and Nose Work!  I am infinitely proud of all this dog has accomplished and all he continues to teach me!
  • Ruby, aka "ARCH CCNE's No Place Like Home, RLPaoe, RL1x2aoe, RL2" is a mega mix of unknown heritage.  She was found as a solo stray puppy on the streets of Mississippi and found her way into the rescue train north.  I found her by accident and fell in love the moment I saw her.  She is an amazing pet, the best friend not only to Rious but to my children as well and a super fun rally partner who is quickly making her way up the ranks!

  • Etta - 11/15/02-7/4/16.  Etta was a Hound mix of uncertain heritage.  She was the most challenging puppy I ever owned and she made me step up my game!  Were it not for Etta I would not have been shoved into learning more and would never have found myself on this amazing path of dog training.  Despite the frustrations she often brought upon us, I owe her everything and I can not imagine what my life would have been with out her!

  • Maggie - 1/31/01-10/1/12.  Maggie was our first born child.  She was the sweetest, most loving, wonderful dog we could have asked for.  She taught me so much about reactivity and led the way to introduce me to many of the pivotal trainers and friends I know today.  She was a reliable working partner and amazing family dog.  Her passing left a hole in our hearts that may never be filled.  We love her and miss her every day.

Puppy Please Dog Training is a family owned and family oriented dog training service.  We provide realistic, effective, fun ways to train your pet!

We offer many convenient classes in Merrimack and Bedford for dogs of all ages as well as private training in your home!

Many questions can be answered here on our site.  For other inquiries please call 603-261-9283 or email jessica@puppyplease.com!  All inquiries will be returned as soon as possible, usually within 1 business day!  PLEASE NOTE:  Fastest response time will be available via email contact!

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"Jess has an approach that is gentle, kind and practical.  Her solutions are realistic. I am amazed with the amount of knowledge she shares so easily in class."

The Benard Family, Merrimack, NH



Puppy Please
Goffstown, NH 03045

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