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Group Training (Please Scroll Down For Private Training Info)

Our group classes offer a unique Flexible Enrollment system which allows you to not only begin at any time but to also have up to eight weeks to complete 6 classes AND in many cases the ability to switch nights if needed.  This provides students with real life flexibility, not having to waste valuable time waiting for an upcoming class and the freedom to not commit to six straight weeks or risk losing paid for sessions.  We recognize that in this day and age it can be near impossible to find six consecutive weeks without other commitments.  While we fully believe that training is an extremely important commitment, there are also unavoidable family commitments that sometimes must come first.  Being a family operated business we understand the challenges families can face and work very hard to be as accommodating as possible to your needs.

Level One Schedule

  • Monday Nights Intro/Levels classes at Bedford Veterinary Medical Center in Bedford at 7 pm.
  • Tuesday Nights Pets Choice, Merrimack at 7 pm.  **This is a specialty "Nose Work" class with prerequisites!
  • Wednesday Nights Intro/Levels classes at Bedford Veterinary Medical Center in Bedford at 7 pm.
  • Thursday Nights Hounds Around Town forming now!
  • Saturday Mornings Pets Choice in Merrimack at 9:00, 10:15 and 11:30 am.

All students begin at level one and test out to move on to the next level.  If you complete your exercises in two weeks, you move on to Level Two!  No lingering or being bored!  On the flip side, if you need more time, no problem!  You work at your own pace and move on when you and your dog are ready!

  • Level One we cover the "basics" of sit, down, come, stay, walking on a loose leash and we cover potential problem behaviors like nipping and jumping, as well as any specific puppy, young dog issues you may be facing.
  • Level Two we build on the challenges learned in Level One and begin to add more distractions.
  • Level Three we add even more challenges, bringing the dogs along to be able to complete the exercises presented in the American Kennel Club's Canine Good Citizen test.

Upon enrollment, there are no refunds of the class tuition.  Tuition is $175.  We accept cash, checks made out to Puppy Please and credit cards.

Please call or email to confirm attendance spot.

To each class you should bring: Lots of tiny chewy treats the size of a pea, some type of bait bag to easily access your treats, a flat collar and a 4-6 foot leash on your dog (NO retractable leashes in class please!).  It is always a good idea to travel with a copy of your dog's rabies certificate, poop clean up bags, as well as water and a travel bowl.

I Always Welcome And Encourage People To Attend Current Classes To See How I Teach!

This is Bristol! Isn't he handsome???

Vaccine Requirements for dogs and puppies to attend group classes:

  • Distemper (da2p) one or three year vaccine (titers acceptable for adult dogs)
  • Rabies vaccine, one or three year vaccine by law
  • Kennel Cough vaccine is recommended
  • Veterinary Examination within one year
  • All of the above is depending on age of dog/puppy and may be waived if puppy is not old enough or veterinarian has determined it is not in the animal's best interest to be vaccinated.


Kids in Class

I love having children in class, they often end up being the best students I have!  However, there are many different comfort levels regarding children and dogs.  An out of control child poses a physical danger to themselves as well as a mental (and sometimes physical) danger to the dogs.  It is not fair to any owner to have a child frighten their dog or to not be able to hear the instruction over a yelling child.

In order for a child to attend class:

  • Children must be able to follow directions and be physically capable of performing the tasks at hand if the child is handling the dog in class.
  • Children must be able to participate, watch quietly or have a separate adult in class to keep them occupied.  
  • Any dog working on a fear or aggression issue may not be handled by a child.  
  • At the instructor's discretion, a child may not be allowed to handle a dog in situations the instructor deems unsafe.
  • Children must respect the dogs and not approach any dog without permission from the dog's owner and the instructor.
  • Any child who can not follow the class rules may be asked to leave at any time.

Puppy Please Dog Training is a family owned and family oriented dog training service.  We provide realistic, effective, fun ways to train your pet!

We offer many convenient classes in Merrimack and Bedford for dogs of all ages as well as private training in your home!

Many questions can be answered here on our site.  For other inquiries please call 603-261-9283 or email jessica@puppyplease.com!  All inquiries will be returned as soon as possible, usually within 1 business day!  PLEASE NOTE:  Fastest response time will be available via email contact!

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"Jess has an approach that is gentle, kind and practical.  Her solutions are realistic. I am amazed with the amount of knowledge she shares so easily in class."

The Benard Family, Merrimack, NH



Puppy Please
Goffstown, NH 03045

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